The Five Tenets Of Virtuosity

one:      Virtues are words of Being…  Human” Be-ing”.

two:      Virtues promote presence of mind, body, spirit and self.

three:  Virtues are the essence of ethical business, principled and meritorious living.

four:     Virtues are a moral standard which offers quality of life to one’s self, and to others.

five:      One must earn the virtue of others without expectation of reciprocation in kind.

BitokuNeko / 2013

The Six “Needs” of Life

[everything else is just a want]

– eliminate just one of these six needs and death will ensue .

one:       Air

two:      Water

three:   Food

four:     Shelter

five:      Health

six:        Sleep

One additional Need for “Quality” of Life

one:      Faith – without faith, tomorrow will be futile.

BitokuNeko / 2013


[Header photo courtesy of Alexandra Sabina / Kayaking on the Allegheny River , Harmarville, Pa. / Fall of 2014]